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VA’s Spinal Cord Injury & Disorders (SCI/D) system of care provides a coordinated life-long continuum of services for eligible Veterans with spinal cord injury. This website is intended for veterans with spinal cord injury and disorder, their family members, and others.



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VA Spinal Cord Injury & Disorders Fact Sheet.


You can get information about VA's SCI/D system of care in our Patient Brochure.

SCI/D Patient Brochure


VA’s SCI&D System of Care mission is to support, promote, and maintain the health, independence, quality of life, and productivity of individuals with SCI&D throughout their lives. This is accomplished through:
The efficient delivery of rehabilitation;
Medical and/or surgical care;
Patient and/or family education;
Psychological, social, and vocational care;
Education; and
Professional training in the continuum of care for persons with SCI/D

VA offers services designed to enhance the quality of life for veterans with a spinal cord injury or disorder.

SCI/D System of Care
People with spinal cord injuries and disorders have unique health issues and need special medical services. The SCI/D System of care is set up to give the best care as conveniently as possible. The system has two basic types of facilities: SCI Centers and SCI Patient Aligned Care Teams (PACTs).

SCI/D Centers
The 24 SCI/D Centers around the country give specialized care to individuals with a spinal cord injury or disorder. SCI/D Centers have teams of people who are experts at handling the problems that can happen with a spinal cord injury. Most veterans with SCI/D should be seen at an SCI/D Center each year for their annual evaluations. During this health promotion evaluation, you will be seen by doctors, nurses, psychologists, social workers, therapists, and others, who will check different aspects of your health. Veterans who live near an SCI/D Center will also get their primary and specialty care from the Center.

Veterans who do not live near an SCI/D Center will use SCI/D Patient Aligned Care Teams (PACTS) for their routine or day-to-day health care needs. The doctors, nurses, and social workers in the Primary Care Teams have been trained to understand the special needs of veterans with spinal cord injuries and disorders.

Hub and Spokes
The system of care is set up in a series of 24 “Hub and Spokes.” The “Hub”, is an SCI/D Center. Each Center coordinates care with a number of “Spokes” — the SCI PACTs.

Each veteran enrolled within the SCI/D System of Care is assigned an SCI Coordinator. The SCI Coordinators are Social Workers who help the veteran understand the system of care. If you have questions about the SCI/D system of Care, please contact your SCI Coordinator.



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